Here’s the text of a speech Warren gave at the recent ANCOR Conference.

6 years ago our tech Team was fresh from 3 worldwide technical triumphs looking for what to do next

If we wanted to make money we would have chosen gambling or pornography

But we wanted to help society

I came to my first ANCOR meeting in San Antonio and was impressed by the participants.

We chose to work with the developmental disabilities industry for 3 reasons:

  1. Everyone said better communications was needed – that’s our skill set (AT&T Bell Laboratories, and 3 successful companies we built from nothing in communications and the Internet)
  2. This is one of the last bastions of paper
  3. The industry is slow to change: I know this seems like an odd “strength” but it gave us time to develop the comprehensive integrated product we envisioned

Over the next 6 years we have worked with visionary leaders across the country – Many of you in the room today

In 6 years we’ve had detailed user feedback from literally thousands of users, in hundreds of organizations, in over 30 states.

CMS has reviewed Therap in detail as part of our partnership with Delaware DDDS. They are expanding to use most of our modules throughout the state, currently we are in the process of revitalizing the Individual Planning Process and the Billing process.

We’ve invested over 300 technical staff years in our vision and we continue to add applications with 100 technical staff years each year.

This industry is being greatly challenged – you don’t need me to tell you how much change is required to survive and thrive over the next few years.

  • Tight funds
  • Strict regulation and oversight
  • Demands for new and better services

We at THERAP have done our part to provide what you as leaders have said you need.

As As that visionary Bill Tapp has said many times you want to integrate 3 key areas: Training, Individual finances, and documentation/communication, so today we’re announcing:

  • our partnership with the College of Direct Support to make a seamless interface between Therap and CDS
  • our partnership with FLEX-Card to track personal finances

I don’t have time now to describe our vision for the next 6 years, but it’s very exciting – catch me later.

NOW is the time for YOU as the LEADERS of the providers to DO YOUR PART

  • Empower your staff – DSP’s, nurses, house managers, all the team members supporting each Individual
  • Reduce your expenses – cut staff turnover, use staff efficiently, slash expensive travel, reduce unnecessary investigations
  • Satisfy HIPAA and state requirements – not only won’t you get paid, but increasingly this is viewed as Medicaid fraud.

When you are going to the Hill they won’t listen to an industry which isn’t using the same technology that is helping every other industry be more efficient. Funding is going to be tied to information, and Therap can help you get that information.

So your choices are: LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET OUT OF THE WAY.

[Thomas Paine]


Warren Gifford

ANCOR GAS Conference

7 September 2008

Washington, DC