Just settling in to watch the pre-game show before the 10am kick off of the oldest cup competition in the world. Given that Gretna have had such an incredible journey to get to the cup final all the way from the Scottish Second Division a lot of the focus is on them while all the pressure is on Hearts. I have to say though that the Gretna team looks great in the team colour kilts!


My original plan had been to go back down to New York to watch the game, but a combination of work and home things going on this weekend ruled that out so I had to look around for an alternate plan. Given that Mets games are no longer showing on our local cable system and that the Cup Final is being shown live on Setanta, the switch to DirecTV was a fairly obvious one. I’m not a huge TV watcher, but this is really cool, especially with the inclusion of a Digital Video Recorder.


The teams are out and I am way too nervous. There is no reason at all that Hearts should lose apart from the fact that this is the Scottish Cup and – after all – we’re talking about Hearts!


Almost! Deividas Cesnauskis just hit the left hand post, but if anything I am just getting more nervous!


Gretna have a couple of cormer kicks and my blood pressure is going through the roof!


Half way trough theifrst half and it’s still 0-0 Hearts have had a bunch of chances (both Hartley and Skacel should have dome better in the last five mnutes. It’s one of those games where Gretna just bring everyone back making it hard for Hearts and then they look horribly dangerous on the break.


Gretna 0 – 1 Heart of Midlothian

RUDI!!!!! A long throw by Robbie Nielson missed by just about everyone was met at the back post by Skacel and things are looking a lot brighter!

Half Time:

Gretna 0 – 1 Heart of Midlothian

Much closer than I would like it to be, but we’re winning and this is a game where all that matter is the final score and who gets their hands on the trophy


15 minutes into the second half and it’s still 1-0. Hearts have had a few more chances, but while it’s only 1-0 there’s always the chance that Gretna could do something scary…


At the moment, Gretna are all over Hearts! In fact one Gretna player had the ball goal-side of Hearts goalkeeper Craig Grodon and looked certain to score before Robbie Nelson appeared from nowhere with a saving tackle.


Gretna have a penalty – Gordon saved – but they scored on the rebound and its: Gretna 1- 1 Heart of Midlothian!!!


Gretna 1 – 1 Heart of Midlothian

Next comes 30 mins of extra time


My brother Nick just called from Scotland except as the second half started, we realized his TV coverage was a couple of seconds in front of mine – so I had to hang up!

Ohhhhhhhhh – Skacel just hit the post

This is a nightmare!


Half time in Extra Time and it’s still 1-1


I pity the poor folks in Kansas who have to put up with me trying to teach them in 20 mnutes or so!


I just can’t stand it, and if this goes to penalties I have no idea how I will cope.

Unbelievable – how was that not a penalty to Hearts?


Oh no – into penalties, Paul Hartley got himself sent off and I have to go teach!



I’ll keep updates going as the games goes on.
:: Justin