So finally, after a cancelled flight, no clean clothes, and some time in Colorado, we have arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I was surprised that we were actually able to land last night, because the tarmac was covered with snow, and they actually had to come out and shovel us a path from the plane to the airport. Amazing! Luckily, we were able to retrieve all of our luggage and got an SUV to get us from the unshoveled roads of the airport to our hotel.

Today, we traveled over burgundy colored roads, through the snow covered plains, to meet with folks in Sioux Falls and Yankton. Sazzad and I met with DakotAbilities and Ability Building Services, where we were able to give introductions to Therap and they were able to share some valuable ISP information with us, as well as some insightful feedback.

More travelling tomorrow,

Until then..