Calum and I got in here late-ish last night.  The highlight of the evening being the view from our room high above downtown Atlanta.

This morning was the usual pre-conference booth set up.  It was great having Calum around for that and he seems to be turning into a bit of a celebrity in these parts – I think he gets asked as many questions as I do and is doing a fine job describing Therap to new-comers.

My talk this morning seemed to go very well as we had lots of people asking questions and ran out of time.  It was also nice because we had Anna from New Beginnings in Kansas who was able to talk about here experiences using the system. Before the session I spent some time learning about a business line that New Beginnings has running their own coffee shops and providing consulting to others that want to do the same.  It’s really very cool, you should check it out!  If that’s no your cup of tea (sorry!) they do a similar thing with shredding.

:: Justin ::