I spent a great day working with the folks here in New Mexico on the eCHAT (electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool).  They’ve done a great job implementing and it’s amazing how much we have learned over the last year.

Petroglyphs National Monument (1)

I think this is about my sixth time coming to Albuquerque and I have never made it out of the city.  Well, today I finally did! However, before that I stopped by at the birthplace of Microsoft:

Justn in Petroglyphs National Monument (38)

After that I was off to Petroglyphs National Monument. It was enormously cool. It felt like I was the only person there while at the same time I was somewhere people had been for thousands of years.

Petroglyphs National Monument (34)

As always, the National Parks Service do an increadible job of understated land management.

Petroglyphs National Monument (10)

You should go visit!

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