Banner showing welcome Justin

It really is remarkably easy to get here (compares favorably to coming back to Connecticut from Denver or the left coast.

After arriving early this morning and catching the Number 35 bus directly from the airport to Shandon, it was time for a quick nap and then off to lunch with an old family friend.

We ended up at a rather fine establishment Thomson’s Bar on Morrison Street.  Not only did they have splendid pies and very fine beer, they also had a barmaid from Murfeesboro, TN site of the next Therap / College of Direct Support Conference and ancestral home of our Kara!  Small world!  I now know exactly where we should all go and hang out after video game night!

Tomorrow it’s off to Kirkliston to meet up with my sister Anne and her family.

Best of all I’ve also been on the phone and email with lots of you!  It’s a small world indeed.

:: Justin ::