Yesterday was quite a day!  I was up early and down to Washington, DC to meet with the Provider Association down there which went very well.  A great group of people who seem very excited about the possibilities that Therap offers for quality improvement and cost savings.

I was presenting along with Sue Swenson which is always a treat.  If you’ve never spent any time with Sue, you need to!  Every time I learn more about how government works and about how to look at individual supports from a national policy perspective.

From DC it was onto Denver to drive up to Estes Park (a beautiful drive – in the dark) for the Six State Summit.  This is one of my favourite “conferences”.  State and provider folks from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Colorado.  Lots of discussion and brainstorming (and lots of Therap users!).

Much more later (I hope I can get out to take photos!)

:: Justin ::