Had a great first day at the INARF Conference and I have to say that I have been very impressed by the conference organizers.  Everything is where it should be and attendees and presenters are very well looked after.

The conference kicked off by showing our “Paperless” video which seemed to go down well.  People always laugh at Bill’s empty file drawer (actually last time I checked it had tea bags in it!).

It has also been really nice to meet up with the folks from Cardinal Service Management.  They’ve been great users of the system and I’ve really enjoyed the chance to finally get to meet them.  I was particularly nice to meet up with A.Z. Soforenko (who I believe is even a reader of this blog!) and hear some great stories about  how the move from institutional to community based care started.  I always feel like it is a real honour to be in the presence of pioneers like A.Z.  and I think we all need to recognize the amazing impact that they have had on so many lives.

I gave a presentation that seemed to go well, it was particularly nice to have such a good turnout from the folks from Cardinal Serice Management.

Tomorrow it’s time to man the booth and meet some new people!

:: Justin