Richard and I spent most of Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky talking with the folks from Deyta about ANCOR’s Performance Excellence Toolkit as well as the other satisfaction survey and benchmarking products that they have.

With Performance Excellent, agencies can become part of a national system to measure quality and progress.  Obviously when looking at topics such as Preventive Healthcare (which will be coming out in 2010), harnessing the data held within Therap could made participation a lot easier and more accurate.

We are in the process of starting a trial of just that (if you’d like to join in, please let me know). 

We are also looking at the concept of a bridge similar to the one we built to the College of Direct Support to help agencies remind their staff to complete satisfaction and other surveys with Deyta.

Given that this would be a second bridge, we’re starting to think of them a bit like “apps” (why should Apple, Blackberrry, Palm, and Android get all the fun?).  Do you have any ideas of services out there that would be ripe for integration with Therap?

Make sure that you are at the Provider Admin Conference in Fishkill, NY in February where Deyta will be presenting on the pilot and their other services.

Theap Provider Administration Conference, Fishkill, NY, 2nd Feb 2010
:: Justin ::