Our friend Bill from Helena, Montana has a habit of sending us photos of the weather our there.  Today's was of the snow outside his office and the snow drifts a colleague had been dealing with.


I responded with a couple of my own and then realized that we are forever posting photos of all the great places we go, but never of sunny Waterbury, so here goes:


Therap OfficeTherap OfficeTherap OfficeT-Girl's poster is hanging on therap office door

Our office is actually under the Hairdresser sign (they moved out and we took over their space, just haven't got around to sliding our sign over).  Even today, six months later, someone was in looking for a trim!

Kris is doing a nice job decorating, so maybe I can follow this up with some internal photos when he is all done.

While we may not have the most scenic office, the parking lot smells great!  Being next to Big Frank's BBQ makes you hungry the second you walk out the door.

In fact, this is a tremendous location, you can find just about anything within 10 minutes of our office.


:: Justin ::