The more time I spend in West Virginia the more I like it!  Today I was down south in Man and Madison.  Definite mining country with small windy roads, steep hills, and wonderful people.

Being my usual hi-tech, groovy sort of guy I said I didn’t need directions to the homes I was to visit, all I needed was an address and Vicki (my trusty GPS) would do the rest. “Nah” says Ann, “We don’t really do street addresses around here, just go 3 miles and take the second bridge over the creek”.  It’s fun to mess with the folks from out of town.

I also noticed that whenever you leave somewhere, people rather than saying “have a nice day” or such like tend to say “be careful”.  This puzzled me until I was driving down a windy little road and a massive coal truck came hurtling around the corner towards me at vast rates of knots!

Still had a wonderful day, and am looking forward to being back there again sometime!

:: Justin ::