• If you’ve been to our website recently you’ll notice there’s a bit of change. It’s part of our new role in the State of Delaware where we are now the official incident reporting system for all providers in the state. We are also working to expand the use of Therap to other areas of Individual Supports and our Training Management System.
  • It’s been a fair bit of work over the past few months and I am sure that there is more ahead of us, but it is a very exciting milestone for Therap (and I hope for everyone in Delaware). I have gained some great experience working with a wide range of folks from the large providers who are part of even larger multi-state organizations to agencies who only support a handful of people.
  • Through all this, the folks at the State of Delaware DDDS have been a real joy to work with, as have all the providers down there. It is a real pleasure to be involved with people who have a forward looking and innovative approach to supporting people with disabilities and providing the quality of service that those people deserve.
  • The only downside to the whole deal is the amount of time that I have spent on the New Jersey Turnpike!
  • If you are in Delaware, you’ll notice that we have also put up a special page of training and support materials especially for Delaware providers. If there is anything else you need, just get in touch.

As they say in Delaware…

:: Justin ::