Version 6.0 of Therap applications has been released. This is a major release where you will find a number of new applications, modules and features.

Detailed explanations of Therap 6.0 have been added to the User Guide. You may also check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the user guide. When you log in to the Therap system, you will find links to the User Guide and FAQ on the top of the right panel of your FirstPage.

Please note that some features may not show until additional roles have been assigned. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Therap Customer Support.

Here is a summary of the new applications, modules and features:

New Applications

Billing Support: Service Authorizations

The Billing application stores information about your funding sources and billable services and thus simplifies the billing process. It further defines the different services that are to be provided for different individuals through Service Authorizations, allowing you to manage a database of summarized billing information for each individual. As services are provided you can track the balance of your funding authorization that remains.

Staff Support: Training Management System (TMS)

The Training Management System or TMS tracks training for staff working within the developmental disability community

Training Administrators create modules of classes with set time, duration and location and then assign them to different Training Instructors.

Training Supervisors will then sign up one or more staff for a particular training module and the Therap system will notify the supervisors that classes are due for a particular staff.

Training Instructors in turn upload training materials, find out who enrolled for the classes and eventually publish the results and certify users.

The training history of all users is maintained in the system. You can set up users to be able to sign themselves up for available classes. The My Training Module area on FirstPage will remind each user of their training requirements – certifications that are about to expire and classes that they have signed up for.

New and Enhanced Modules


Instead of assigning a user rights to an entire program, you can now assign rights to a CaseLoad, which can include one or more programs, individuals, other CaseLoads, or any combination of these. This capability ensures flexibility by allowing you, for example, to have privileges for only one individual or several individuals not aligned with the conventional programs.

General Event Report

The General Event Report (GER) module is Therap’s new incident reporting tool. This replaces the old Incident Report (IR) and Medication Error Report (MER) modules.

With GER you can report more details about incidents along with information about who witnessed the event, who was notified, and what remedial actions were taken immediately or are planned.

We have also added more tools for users in states with specific State Incident Report forms. The system will generate a completed state incident report form as a PDF document for several states. We are currently working on forms for additional states. If your state requires a specific form for incidents or medication error reports, please contact Therap Customer Support.
Health Tracking

Health Tracking now has additional sections for

  • Blood Glucose
  • Infection Tracking
  • Lab Test
  • Medication History

Graphs in the Health Tracking reports now have multiple axes. This provides the benefit that multiple factors (like height and weight) of a person can be tracked on the same graph.


This is a tool through which all staff members can keep themselves updated of events even when not logged into the system. You can specify the modules and the notification levels for the events you want to be notified about. You can also choose whether you want the Therap notification system to reach you through your e-mail, cell phone or pager. Data Administrators can now set default notifications for different groups of staff.

Therap Calendar

The calendar is a visual tool to keep track of activities within your programs. You can add events and appointment schedules, save day notes, mark dates for special staffing needs and other day to day events. Although you have to manually add all the entries at this point, we are looking to find what will be helpful for the system to automatically add to your calendar. So let us know if you have any recommendations.

New Features

Secure Communications

  • The new version of Therap Secure Communications enables users to create, delete and manage folders. So now you can free up your Inbox space by moving messages to other folders.
  • A new option has been added to save incomplete messages as a ‘Draft’, so that you can come back later to work on it.
  • You can now create and manage Custom User groups for frequent or large mailings.
  • The Send via SComm button has been added to all forms. So sending a specific report to someone using SComm is now easier than ever!

Behavior Tracking

  • The Behavior Plan module now has an approval step, so your behaviorist can finalize the plans as they are put into Therap and when they are updated.
  • Individual specific descriptions of behaviors and interventions can now be added.
  • The Interval Data section has been introduced to record frequently occurring behavior events.
  • A complete Behavior Plan can also be uploaded as a Word document or text file for staff to refer to.
  • Reporting has been enhanced to include new line graphs and dynamic tables.

Individual Data Form

  • New fields have been added for Referral Source, Hispanic Origin and Developmental Disability.
  • Diagnoses can now be found using a text filter.


  • It is now possible to attach files (both text and image files) to T-Logs.
  • You can now follow-up on a T-Log entry. This way all entries, related to a specific issue, stay together and form a chain from where it is easy to see the progress of an issue.
  • A T-Log update role has been introduced and users with this role will be able to modify existing T-Logs. The original version of the T-Log is retained in the system and visible using the Update History link.
  • You can now also get a list of all users that have read a T-Log that you wrote, using the Read Status link.

Provider Administration

  • Data Administrators can set T-Log expiration dates. This controls how long a new T-log will stay on FirstPage when it has not been read.
  • Data Administrators can choose restraint/physical intervention lists and also edit intervention and behavior lists.
  • Data Administrators can now select the Title of an employee from a selection list. If the title is not available on the list, he/she can also create a new one. This way a specific set of titles are maintained across the agency.
  • Data Administrators can also use the Activity Tracking option to track the user activity for investigation or security purposes.


  • Users will now see a WorkList link on the FirstPage. This link replaces the Submit link as part of a move to simplify terminology within the system.
  • You can also select specific programs that you would like to view in a summarized form in the FirstPage Summary. For each program you select, you can see the different modules and activities done on those programs in the past 90 days. This makes it easier for you to see the recent changes or new reports that have been created.

Therap Customer Support

As always, we are here to help make your experience with Therap Services applications as easy and productive as possible. Please feel free to contact Therap Customer Support via any of the following means when you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

Feedback: Click the < > link (available on all application pages) to contact us whenever you have a question or a problem. When you contact us using this feedback link, we will be able to assist you by automatically obtaining specific information about your system and the page on which you had the question.

Email: Contact Therap Customer Support at:

Phone: Call us at (203) 596 7553

Live Chat: Click the icon at to receive immediate assistance.
SComm: To receive a reply via Secure Communication rather than email, send an SComm message of type “Therap Customer Support”.

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