Graphic of Therap 8.6 released and release notes

Therap is happy to bring to you Version 8.6 of Therap Applications. With this release made on October 25, 2009, the following enhancements have been added to the system:


Locking/Unlocking Expired Sessions: The session expiry feature has been enhanced, so that, the session is locked when left unattended for a long time, instead of expiring and logging users out. Users will now be prompted to reenter their password to renew the current session. Once the password has been entered, the user can resume what they had been working on, without any data being lost. The locked session will remain for 3 and a half hours, after which a user will be logged out permanently.
Screenshot of Session Locked

New Autocomplete Feature: An autocomplete feature has been added to the ‘Individual Name’ field on the Search pages, for modules such as the T-Log, GER and ISP. When typing in the individuals name (first name then last name), a dropdown menu will automatically appear with the appropriate individual’s name for the user to select.
Screenshot of GER Search with dropdown manu of Individual's name highlighted

Adding Users to Custom User Group: Provider Administrators can now assign users to a specific Custom User Group directly after creating a new user account.


  • A new field called “Prior Authorization Number” has been added in the Service form of Service Authorization. The value from this field will be shown in the CMS-1500 form.
  • There is a new section for CMS-1500 printing in the Professional Claim form.
    Screenshot of CMS-1500
  • Users can now calibrate the field placements using the “CMS-1500 Print Calibration” form under the Provider Admin login. The calibration settings for each printer can be given a specific name and can be accessed from the Professional Claim form.
    Screenshot of Health Insurance Claim Form

Attendance: Revenue Code has been added in the Statistics Report of Attendance. Users can also see the Revenue Codes from the Attendance Summary Report.


  • A new Group Day Habilitation Documentation Record type has been added to the ISP Report section, that will be helpful for agencies in New York.

Screenshot of ISP Report section with Group Day Habilitation Documentation Record link highlighted

  • Linked ISP Programs can directly be added or removed from Valued Outcomes in a Hab Plan, which were included from an ISP Plan.
  • The six month review and addendum fields can now be edited for the ISP Plan and Delaware ELP.
Medication Administration Record (MAR)

  • Days of the week have been added to the MAR data form.
  • T-notes can now be attached to the MAR.
  • The ‘Speciality’ field of a shared contact is now shown in the MAR.
  • Dietary Guidelines can now be viewed from the MAR.
Training Management System (TMS)

Users with the View Report or Supervise Trainee roles can now generate program-based reports.

Health Tracking

Appointments Consultation Form: The consultation form will now show the 10 most recent ‘Vital Signs’ that have been entered into for a particular individual within the last 30 days. The form will also show the monthly average weight of the individual for the last 6 months.

We thank you all for all the questions, comments and suggestions we receive from you every day and hope you will continue sharing these with us.