These are very exciting times here at Therap.  Having just welcomed Michelle Saunders as someone with a huge amount of experience on the provider side of things, I am now delighted to welcome Peter O’Meara who will be working with us on the state side of things.

Our interactions with states have become more and more important over the years, not only as we make sales directly to states, but also as we work on billing interfaces, electronic signatures, and having our forms and processes approved all around the country.  What Jason did in Georgia recently is a great example of this.

Over the coming weeks, Peter will be at the Therap Conference in Kansas City and with me as the NASDDDS Conference in Sacramento, California, so me sure to welcome him aboard.

Peter has worked in the field of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities since 1966 assisting and supporting individuals and their families in a variety of positions from volunteer and direct care to social worker and administrator. He served for seventeen years in the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and ten years for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation and for the last sixteen years was the Commissioner of Developmental Services for the State of Connecticut. He has seen the positive evolution of the system of supports and services to one that is now focused on self direction and determination and one that abounds with a host of choices that are highly individualized. He has also served on the Boards of a number of provider organizations over the years and understands the pressures those organizations are under.

He has been primarily involved in the policy development and implementation aspects of service delivery from the perspective of the role and responsibilities of government entities to develop systems of care that are responsive to the needs of consumers but permit the governmental agencies to foster best practices. Additionally, Peter has been involved in developing systems that assure fiscal integrity and program oversight with a specific emphasis on reducing risk and jeopardy for program participants.

Peter understands the importance of the partnership between the providers of services and the government agencies that fund, support and oversee the system. In these challenging fiscal times the services and tools Therap offers to both providers and government is invaluable in managing the systems of care but more importantly maintaining and enhancing the quality of outcomes for participants.

:: Justin ::