In internet terms it has been ages since I blogged :-(

Hopefully you have been keeping track of my goings on Twitter or Facebook.

Not really an excuse I know, but it has been a wildly, wonderfully busy week.

Some of our senior team members are in town from Dhaka so we’ve been having lots of meetings and brainstorming (and rather a lot of eating too!).  Those of you coming to the conference next week are going to have such a good time meeting, talking, and brainstorming with:

Majahedul Hoque, Chief Technology Officer.

Masum is head of the development side of Therap and sometimes I think he can recite each of the millions of lines of code that make up Therap.  He will be leading a number of brainstorming sessions looking at the future of Therap and new ways of looking at and accessing you data.

Sajjadul Hakim, Director of Software Testing.

Sajjadul runs what is widely considered to be the top software testing group in Bangladesh.  In fact Therap’s Quality Assurance team has such a reputation that they get called in to help on national software projects.  At the conference Sajjadul will be talking to you about how our support tools can help Therap be even better than it is now.

A S M Omar Faruq Shawon, database Architect.

Shawon is our database guru.  If you ever ask for a custom report, he’s your guy.  Shawon thinks in SQL and will be bringing a number of new reports to the conference for you to look at as well as working with you to find out how else you would like to look at your data.  Shawon is a big fan of Waterbury restaurants!

Tanm, Kazi Rubaiat Imam, Director of Design & Usability.

If the design team is the coolest team in Therap (and they certainly think that they are), then Tanm must be the coolest person around!  Tamn heads the design team and is here to show you all sorts of exciting things from the Usability Garage and Automated Training.  Pay attention on Tuesday morning to see the latest example of this!

So, as you can imagine, hanging out with these guys doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging!

I’ll do my best to keep up next week

:: Justin ::