Today was really exciting for many reasons:

1. I’m in Kathmandu – that’s pretty exciting!

2. We were setting up a new customer – that’s always exciting!

3. T-Logs are the answer to a bunch of issues for an agency in Nepal – unexpectedly exciting!

4. People in Nepal can see their organizations reaping many of the same benefits as agencies in the US from using Therap – is this a cool world or what?

5. I walked into the National Federation of the Disabled – Nepal (NFD-N) with one idea of what they needed and what we could do to help, but by working together we solved more, bigger issues – I’m running out of superlatives!

It was just the best kind of day in Therapville, Nepal. Working with some great people to set up an account and find solutions, I can’t wait to do more tomorrow!

:: Justin ::