This weekend has been looming on the calendar for quite sometime as being one of those where everything happens at the same time.

It started on Friday night when we went to see Harry Potter.

Yesterday I was running a piece of software called Meet Manager for Iona and Calum’s swim meet. A very hot, humid, and busy few hours!

From there, Calum and I went directly to church for the first event for his age group that starts a four year journey that will culminate in a pilgrimage to some far flung place in 2009. There were nine 10 a d 11 year olds along with a bunch of us old folks spending the night. To give them credit, the kids did actually get some sleep and we woke to a fine breakfast prepared by other youth leaders.

As I am writing, I am listening to Hearts playing in Aberdeen, unfortunately they have played a fairly uninspired game and it will take a last minute goal to break a 1-1 tie. (They didn’t)

Shortly I will be heading off to the Wolcott Soccer Fall Banquet complete with computers, projectors, and PowerPoint presentations of some great photos taken by Stan Pannone.

It doesn’t end there though. This evening we have a meeting for Iona’s group at church who are much closer to going on their pilgrimage (Summer 2007). This meeting is when we (the planning committee) present to both the teens and their parents what will be involved. You can follow their progress on a blog I created for them on Blogspot. The nice thing about this is that it’s set up as a team blogs so lots of us can write.