I wish I had time to blog about all the cool stuff that I have been talking to our users about this week, but it has just been way too busy (that and the little matter of getting involved in the beginnings of the North American Hearts Supporters Club – much more about that another time).

6.0 has now been out for about six days (in fact if you look really closely you’ll see that we’re actually on 6.01) and it’s going very well indeed.

I have been particularly impressed by how quickly folks have taken to the new features (we must have done something right!).  The change over from Incident Reports to General Event Reports has been remarkably easy and I think it says a lot about our design team that users are able to just log on and “get it”.

In fact, I heard one wonderful story where staff had started using some of the new Health tracking features before they were even asked to.  They just saw them there and knew how to use them!

Another really big hit has been the Therap Calendar.  If you haven’t taked a look yet the go try!

As with any release of this size, there are bound to be some issues and things we need to work on (we’re working on them already).  Remember the quickest way to help us improve the system is to click that < > link and tell us!  Either that or go for the Live Chat link on FirstPage.

I hope that you are enjoying 6.0 as much as I am!

:: Justin