This is a follow-up to a post made by Labiba in the Customer Support Blog

One of the things we have struggled with forever is what to call the individuals that we have in our database.

On one hand we want to have realistic data which on the other we want to make it obvious that we are not using real people’s data.

Most often we seem to use Mary Active (who was born in one of my very first presentations, and for some some reason stuck arround unlike a few of her friends in that same scenario (I remember William Worker, but not any of the others).

Since then we have wondered what names to use until finally Iona came up with a solution: Use the census!

We now have the lists of most common first and last names and are merging them to create names.

So, expect to get to know the following folks:

Male names
Jacob Smith                                    
Michael Williams
Matthew Brown
Joshua Miller
Christopher Moore
Nicholas Anderson
Andrew Jackson
Joseph Harris
Daniel Thompson
Tyler Martinez
William Clark
Brandon Lewis
Ryan Walker
John Allen
Zachary Hernandez
David Wright
Anthony Hill
James Green
Justin Baker
Alexander Nelson
Jonathan Mitchell
Christian Roberts
Austin Phillips
Dylan Parker
Ethan Edwards
Benjamin Stewart
Noah Morris
Samuel Reed
Robert Morgan
Nathan Murphy
Cameron Rivera
Kevin Richardson
Thomas Howard
Jose Torres
Hunter Gray
Jordan James
Kyle Brooks
Caleb Sanders
Jason Bennett
Logan Barnes              
Female names
Emily Johnson
Hannah Jones
Madison Davis
Ashley Wilson
Sarah Taylor
Alexis Thomas
Samantha White
Jessica Martin
Elizabeth Garcia
Taylor Robinson
Lauren Rodriguez
Alyssa Lee
Kayla Hall
Abigail Young
Brianna King
Olivia Lopez
Emma Scott
Megan Adams
Grace Gonzalez
Victoria Carter
Rachel Perez
Anna Turner
Sydney Campbell
Destiny Evans
Morgan Collins
Jennifer Sanchez
Jasmine Rogers
Haley Cook
Julia Bell
Kaitlyn Bailey
Nicole Cooper
Amanda Cox
Katherine Ward
Natalie Peterson
Hailey Ramirez
Alexandra Watson
Savannah Kelly
Chloe Price
Rebecca Wood
Stephanie Ross  
United States Social Security Administration: list of most popular first names
2000 – top 20 for each gender used
United States Census Bureau: list of most common surnames
1990 – top 40 used