When it’s a virtual program!

The majority of permissions and privileges in Therap are defined by program, but sometimes you want to be able to give someone access to either just one individual or a group of individuals from multiple programs. The former could be a guardian, the latter a case manager or therapist. The only extra thing you need to use virtual programs is to have us activate Internal COIS for you and then share the IR View role.

The key to making this work is a virtual program. That is, create a program in the Therap system that doesn’t exist in real life but can still be controlled as if it did.

In the situation where Mrs. Jones wants to be able to access information about her son John who lives in Program A. Create a program called “Mrs. Jones” and assign John to that as well as Program A (and any other programs he may be in). Then assign Mrs. Jones a view role to the program “Mrs Jones”. This way Mrs. Jones will be able to see only approved reports for only her son. She will also be able to choose how she wants to be notified when reports about approved: email, pager, or cell phone text page.

When someone needs access to people across a group of programs, but not all the people in any one program, a virtual program can work too. If a physical therapist works with two people from Program A, one person from Program B, and three people from Program C, just create a program call “PT” and assign those six people to it. That way the physical therapist will be able to see information about all the people she works with.

I really hope that all this makes sense, I don’t want to sound like I am explaining the rules of baseball or cricket. So, if you have any questions at all, as ever, give me a call or drop me an email.

– Justin