We have had a few discussions recently with users about the appropriate time to update a form and when to discontinue it and copy it to a new form.

Two common examples of this are with ISP Programs and Medication History (especially when using Medication Administration Records).

Each of these offer both the opportunity to update and to D/C and continue (assuming that you have the appropriate permissions).  

Here’s the difference:

If you are fixing a mistake on the form (for example a typo or spelling error) then you should use “Update”.

If what you are doing is changing the form in a way that it will work differently then you should discontinue it and copy to a new form.  

Examples of this would be:

  • Changing a task on an ISP Program
  • Changing the start date on a medication
  • Changing the comments on a medication

The reason for this is to do with the way that Therap archives data.  ISP Data and ISP Reports are based on a specific ISP Program and will always relate back to them.  If you change the ISP Program, there will be data out there that won’t make sense with the way the program is written after changes.  However if you are just fixing a mistake, then this will apply to all the correct data.  To help with reporting, Therap links ISP Programs that have been generated using the D/C and Copy feature.

It’s similar for meds.  The MAR is based on a specific Medication History form, so if you change data that is reflected on the MAR, it will be kept syncronized in both places.  If you want to change the Med History form but keep the MAR the way it is then you should D/C and copy.  This is very similar to what you would do on paper when you get a new prescription.  Basically, if it is a new prescription then it should be a new Med History form too.

If you have any questions about this then please get in touch with us.

:: Justin ::