On Friday I managed to get from Alexandria, Virginia to Wolcott, Connecticut in 6.5 hours complete with a quick trip into Manhattan.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Band performance of Wicked.Band performance of Wicked.

Saturday was Senior Night and the Marching Band performance of Wicked.  As usual, it rained and blew a gale but that didn’t stop the band putting on a tremendous show (including Iona as a drum major/drummer and Calum on Trumpet).  Even the football team did well (funnily enough some people actually turn up to watch the game).

As for Sunday, it just seemed to disappear in a haze of running around and practicing parking!

By the way, did you catch Bonnie’s geek post!  It’s great, and I was quite flattered until I started to think that Sazzad might be getting a higher rating than me!

:: Justin ::