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What a great day!

A long day, a tiring day, but a great one.

The Second WiWi was a resounding success thanks to an awful lot of work by an awful lot of people.

computer set up showing two laptops and two desktops

This was our first year holding the competition at the High School which worked very well.   It was also our first year with the new Field Control System.. Basically it is just a single network when the host computer is connected by cable to the six Drivers’ Stations and wirelessly to the the six robots.  This way at the start of the match the host computer sets all the robots off, then switched then to teleoperated mode then stops them at the end of the match (each team played 10 qualifying matches before double elimination chose our winners).

the event in progress

The whole set up worked remarkable well and a good time was had by all.

the event in progress.
You can see the full results here

the teams at the event.
Lots more photos here

The food provided by Team Gus was (as usual) amazing.

Now we just have to wait until January 3rd or so to find out what next year’s game will be!

Iona giving a pretty dazzling smile

:: Justin ::