James McFadden’s moment of magic for the second goal made his suspension for the Netherlands game seem all the more costly. Picture: PA

After a dismal game in Norway, Scotland resurrected their chances of getting to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 with a 2-0 win over Macedonia at Hampden today.

The big question now is, what do they need to do in their last game against The Netherlands in order to make it into the play offs to get to South Africa?

Here’s what FIFA has to say:

All 53 countries will contest Round One.
The round consists of 8, round robin, home-and-away groups of 6 teams as well as 1 round robin, home and away group of 5 teams. (this is Scotland’s Group)
The 8 best group runners-up advance to Round Two.
The group winners qualify for the FIFA Qatar World Cup

The 8 best Round One group runners-up will contest Round Two.
The teams will be paired into 4 home-and-away series.
The winners qualify for the FIFA World Cup

The trick is to work out the 8 best runners up when 8 groups have 6 teams and 1 has five.  What they are doing is all the results of the teams in the 6-team groups against the bottom placed teams are being thrown out before the comparison in being made!

So, it seems to boil down to that fact that Scotland really need to beat The Netherlands to get through to Round Two (we’ll worry about that then)

It all seems way to much like a night in Argentina in 1978!

And we all know how that ended

:: Justin ::