One of the interesting things about providing support for Therap customers is that quite often I don’t know the answer.

The question is usually something like “Am I supposed to write a T-Log, submit an incident report, or send an SComm message when such and such happens”. The response from your fearless customer support chap is generally “ummmmmmmmmmm… it depends”.

The reason it depends is, different providers use Therap in different ways either because of different requirements from their funding and licensing authorities or because of different internal polices.

Recently one provider produced some great guidelines on how they would like T-Logs to be used by their staff and very generously allowed me to share them with other providers.

This led me to think that providers could be a great resource both for themselves and for each other by sharing the way they use Therap and their own Frequently Ask Questions.

To this end we are looking at setting up a Therap Wiki to collect and post all of this information. It’s a project open to all Therap users, but I’d love to hear from anyone with a particular interest.