Last night, we ended our evening by heading over to Trail Dust Town, which was pretty neat. It was a small site, set up to resemble an old west town with restaurants, cool shops, and an antique carousel. We even got to see a Wild West show which had a lot of stunts and a few explosions. It was pretty funny and I even found myself screaming out when the guns were fired. Afterwards, I thoroughly stuffed myself at the Macaroni Grill- I am a self-proclaimed pasta-holic.

Today we headed back to the conference and I heard some interesting stories about types of employment that different agencies have for their individuals. The one that stuck with me was a chocolate factory that was donated to an agency. What a delicious way to work! They would make the fine chocolates and then hand wrap them and sell them in their store. Where do I sign up?

Again, we had several visitors at our booth, and we got a break mid-day which gave us an opportunity to see the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I got to see my favorite animal-wolves, and the hummingbird exhibit was really great. We also got some breathtaking view of the scenery, as it was situated in the desert and included a botanical garden. The day ended back at the conference where people enjoyed dinner and could walk around to visit booths. The best part was the youth Mariachi band that played the whole time.

Signing out–Kara