Today was the district banquet to celebrate the division winners in North West Connecticut, including your very own Wolcott U-13 Boys.  Actually the Wolcott U-12 Boys were there too as they also won their division.  It was a fine affair, running through the prize giving with the minimum of speeches and lots of photos!  Very cool to see they boys together one final time and being rewarded for all their years of putting up with Rich and me.

Hearts on the other hand managed not to lose.  They couldn’t actually get as far as winning (probably had a lot to do with Calum Elliot getting himself sent off) but did manage a 1-1 draw with Kilmarnock in what sounded like rather an exciting game.  However thanks to St. Mirren beating Hibs (generally a good thing), Hearts are now 11th and second bottom.  If it wasn’t for Gretna being quite so awful Hearts would be in serious danger of relegation.

:: Justin ::