What a great game today, well played, competitive and hard, but still sporting and fair – in contrast to our first game of the season.

We spent a significant amount of time taking shots on goal, but thanks to some good defending and inspired goalkeeping, we were only able to score one. On the other hand, Southbury did a fine job taking their chances.

It’s a very interesting lesson for kids when they have genuinely tried their hardest (one of the better games they have ever played) but come away empty handed.

We get a break from league play next week when we head off to Poughkeepsie, NY for their Columbus Weekend Tournament. It’s a day full of soccer, food and and against some very good teams from all over the North East. In the last two years we’ve won the total of 1 game there (out of 10 or 12!) but always had a great time!

— Justin