Wolcott 7 – Woodbury/Bethlehem 1

Another fine result for the boys, taking their results to 5 wins, no losses, and 1 draw.

We have a rule in our league where a team is not allowed to win by more than six goals.  This can be quite a challenge if you are up against a weaker team.  It’s no fun being on either side when one team just has to play keep-away.  Therefore when becoming aware that we’re going to be in such a situation, I try and coach and substitute in such a way as to spread things out during the game.

This one was perfect.  We didn’t have to play keep away and we scored the goal that put us six ahead with the last kick of the game (rather a nice little goal from Calum, based on his devastating speed, silky skills, and rocket like shot ;-)  )

:: Justin ::