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We are very excited about the number of Oregon agencies that we have using Therap.  Over the past few years, Anna and Allison have been up and down the highways or Oregon setting up and training folks.  

One of the significant impacts of this is that now, when surveyors from The DD Licensing Unit of the Office of Licensing and Quality of Care come out to do their surveys, more and more of the data and records that they need to look at are on Therap.  This means that surveyors need a log in into each provider making for lots of extra work for provider administrators and many, many accounts for the surveyors to remember.

Over the past few months, we’d been working on setting up an opt-in system so that the surveyors can log into one central “parent” account and from there will be able to access the data that they need to in order to prepare for and complete their surveys.

While change like this is always a little disconcerting (I still love the looks I get from potential customers when I suggest that they should be giving parents and guardians direct access to data) I think it is really part of the overall progression towards and accountable, transparent, and cost effective system that makes life better for everyone.

I can still remember that the part of instpections I liked least as a provider was sitting watching the surveyor read books.  How much less stressful would it be if they could do all that reading first and then when they were on site spend the time talking to staff and people receiving supports.  Well maybe Oregon is leading the way in that direction.

For more information on how this is all working, check out the links on our Oregon page.

This will also show how Providers using this method are complying with HIPAA by making sure that all access to their electronic Protected Health Information is tracked.

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