In the same way that when we are bringing out new applications, we look for a few good and hearty souls to try things out before they go public, we are in the process of developing a suite of new Therap Training tools. These will include:

  1. Upgrades to the User Guide
  2. More and better Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Interactive Tutorials
  4. Videos
  5. Discussion boards
  6. Anything else we can think of or you can suggest

There are three primary goals for all these things:

  1. Help new users get to know the system
  2. Help existing users be more productive
  3. Help existing find out more about parts of the system they aren’t using yet.

By achieving these goals, we will help new providers get up and running more quickly and help existing users train new staff more easily as well as expanding into new applications.

If you would like to help try out these new things and help us shape the future of Therap Customer Support and Training, please get in touch!


:: Justin

PS Look out for a whole bunch of User Group meetings that will be announced soon!