It’s about the only way I can describe my reaction to my first look at the 5.0 version of Therap. Our programmers just gave us access to the beta version for testing and preparation for the ANCOR conference next weekend.

The big news of course is FirstPage. It looks as good as I ever could have imagined. On top of that there are a whole bunch of new applications to play with. This is way too much fun to be called work!

Having spent my entire career in human services this has been a real eye opener. The ISP application for instance was born at a Connecticut Users Group that I attended as a regular user. I then saw it grow and develop as Leslie wrote requirements and we all debated how it should work. To now see it as a real application only a few months after that first brainstorming session is truly amazing.

Stay tuned for more on 5.0 as I start testing.

– Justin