Just in case you needed yet another reason to love your Android phone, you can now write your own applications using Google’s new App Inventor (a bit like it was with GMail and Google Voice, you need to sign up and wait for an invitation).

App Inventor is a graphical programming language (if you have ever programmed a Lego robot, you’ll take to it right away) that makes it really easy to write your programs.

Screenshot of Therap with Android App Inventor

I walked through the first couple of exercises, creating a cat that meows when you touch it and a dialer where you can choose a contact and then click on their photo to call them.

Pet The Kitty  Pic Call



After that it was time to branch out on my own.  My first attempt is a nice little launcher that will take you to bits of Therap’s website, or call the office, or allow you to get directions.

App Drawer  Therap Launcher


The question is, what comes next?  Not sure yet, but I am thinking about it.  I can’t do anything that interacts with the inside of Therap (that’s kept closed for security reasons) but I am sure i can come up with something.

How about you? Why not build something and bring it to Fishkill to show it off!

:: Justin ::