What a tremendous day!  Things started off (in an after lunch sort of way) with Calum and me walking down to Tynecastle to meet Scott and his Calum who had very decently acquired us tickets to the annual New Year Edinburgh Derby (yes I know they were playing on Boxing Day, but it is still a New Year Derby as far as I am concerned).  Tynecastle was packed, we had seats in the second row of the Wheatfield Stand just around the corner from all the Hibs fans.  The banter was something special!

Hearts took a quick 2-0 lead and all was sun and roses until Hibs scored 2 and we all got very nervous.  Hibs second goal (from a very soft penalty concluded with the penalty taker then running into Craig Gordon and thus getting himself sent off.  Hearts finally scored the winner and all was golden in Gorgie.  It certainly wasn’t the best football you’ll ever see but it was about as exciting with as good an atmosphere as you could as for.

My favourite amongst the repeatable songs was “Zibi is a Jambo” referring to the Hibs goalkeeper and his tendency for dropping the ball at the foot of Hearts players (which he did again today for Jankauskas to score the second goal)

After dinner we headed off to the Pantomime (“panto”).  In this case it was to the Kings Theatre for Cinderella.  It’s a great form of supposedly children’s theatre that grown-ups use kids as an excuse for attending.  Lots of audience participation and corny jokes and a great time was had by all.

Then there was the long walk home with a detour to find a chip shop along the way to reintroduce Iona and Calum to the joys of salt’n’sauce on their chips.

Tomorrow it’s off to Hadrian’s Wall…the playground wall…Mrs Wall

:: Justin ::