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this is a picture of jenn and I presenting at  trc’s annual meeting. just an early reminder we will be presenting at the Rochester therap conference


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Jenn  and  I  went to the  Dsp  conference in Geneva, n.y. we stayed in a 3 bedroom house  that was on the  property of a castle. on 6/18  we did a presentation about self-advocacy . we showed our video and a slide show from all our conferences.  I also showed how to write t-logs. after the prentation we left and then stopped to eat.

DSP conference

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on June 18, I will be going to the dsp conference in Geneva, NY. I will be presenting “THE RAP” video and show a slide show of the different conferences I have attended with jenn.

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on  Monday 6/8  I went to my trc  board meeting than I went  to the the annual  meeting  where  I presented to the audiene what I  do for therap. lori I  showed a slide show from our  different  confernes  and I showed  them how I read t-logs . I also helped  hand out a wards .  on june 18 I will be attendines  the dsp conference  in Geneva , ny  lori   and I will be doing a presentation about want we do for therap.


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on may 28 I attended the  DD day  conference in  Niagara falls . I helped work  the therap booth with Lori  and letisha . I met a person that I explaned what I do  in therap  and my , job , I gave her business card and shook her hand.jenn at therap booth

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I was transported to tim hortons parking lots to meet the bus for special Olympic swimm trip I meet parents there and bought a lunch a sandwich for lunch. jen is looking for to the competition. I won a gold medal in the breaststroke and a gold  in the freestyle . I also got a ribbon for a relay . I had fun with all my friends. we all an excellent job. we went to watch a bask ball game in the auditorium . that night I went to dance.

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nf2 jenn and I was sit at the therap booth

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on may 28th jenn and I went to the DD Day conference in Niagara falls. we worked at the therap booth with letisha. we told  different people how we work on therap  using the t-logs and the mar. we worked form 10 am -2pm. when we weren’t busy I walked arourd to see  some  of the other booths. that were set  up.  after we left we went for lunch at tgi Fridays then drove back to Jamestown.


nf1 me at the therap booth

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