tomorrow I will be leaving for Saratoga springs for the Nysra  self conference , I will be presenting ; self advocates and  then  electronic health   record ” on Thursday morning . over the weekend I want to breakfast with my mom and dad then we want to the apple fest . I also attend the  sprout film festival   that  the resource center  presented . it WAS VERY GOOD .LOTS OF LAUGHS AND TEARS

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on Saturday I had an apt to get my haircut and styled. on sunday  I went to tim hortors  with a friend for a snack.then I went back home .then later on we had cupcakes for some one’s birthday.

now I am getting ready to leave for the florida keys this Thursday with people and places for vacation .I am really excited about this.

I am missing out on a presentation in Saratoga springs because of my vacation .I wish jen good luck on the presentation.

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Therap Rochester Conf Lori and Jenn 2

this  was at the regional  therap  conference in Rochester , ny here I am showing  how I sign m mars.

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during our presentation .I showed everyone how I write a t-logs . as part of milestone I have to write a t-log daily . about my day. also during our presentation we showed. a slide show of all the conferences that we have presented at and announced our upcoming conferences.

Therap Rochester Conf Lori writes a t-log

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on  September 15 and 16 , I attended the  therap regional conference in Rochester, n.y.  I was  introduced to the group .on September, 16 , I , along  with  jenn , presented a session on self advocates latest update on their travel conferences ,and skills. I think our presentation went very good. on our downtime we did some sight seeing. I went to the dinosaur  bbq for dinner . it was very good I would recommend this place if you visit Rochester.


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over  the weekend , I want  with the other girls from my house  to Bemus point  to the ride the ferry . I also went to the gala  days  in Frewsburg . it was a good time . after the gala days went  for ice cream , on SATURDAY  I WEANT  TO CHURCH  WTH MY  MOM.  This was at Bemus Point this weekend with my housemates.bemus point

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