on Saturday I wet to the mall with two friends. I ate auntie Ann’s pretzel  place. then  I walked around the mall until it was time to go home.


on Sunday I went to save a lot and in evening I went to fresco’s for dinner with my old roommate.


yesterday I went to family dollar to buy a valentine present for my boy friend.

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on January 27th  I presented self  advocator and  their Electronic health ; we had a good  turn out of people who attended  our session . I showed them how I sign off on my mar showed a   video and  read and wrote a scomm. after  presenting in I answered   some questions

vancouverhere we are presenting

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we want to Vancouver, WA  and we want to the conference  we stay in the  Hilton  hotel we stay in the room than we want to go out for dinner with my friend s and we want the   see  part of Portland, OR  than we want ate dinner at the dump truck  and we than we want to the voodoo donut with my friends we had fun , than we had fun.with richardconference picture after our presentation wth Richard!!

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I attended my 2nd therap nation conference last week in Vancouver Washington. we flew form buffalo to las vegas  then to porttland, OR where we were shuttled to our hotel Vancouver. we got all settled in and the took a walk along the water and  joe crab shack. the time difference was hard to get use too. I was in bed by 9pm. exhausted. Therap National 2016

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