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A Software Suite for Developmental Disability Providers


Therap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA Compliant documentation, reporting and communication for developmental disability provider agencies. The suite is made of programs that cover extensively supports provided to individuals with developmental disabilities. There are programs that an agency can use to manage employee training/certifications and schedules, and programs for tracking attendance of the individuals they support.

Therap provides extensive support in setting up and handling the transition to electronic documentation, and has lots of great online tools for training staff to use Therap.

Medical Records, Incident Reports, and Notes

Therap’s Application suite will provide you with modules to document services and support that you provide to your clients, including:

Service Tracking, Personal Outcomes and QA

Therap’s ISP (Individual or Individualized Service Plans) application allows agencies to create the ISP programs for individuals, to state and describe the individual’s desired goals, the methods used to achieve them and to define a scoring method against which data is entered at a defined frequency by the DSPs. This online tool is great for measuring personal outcomes and generating reports.

Mobile ISP Data

Therap for Android app contains the ISP Data feature which allows staff to collect data where the service is being provided by entering the record date, duration of contact, task scores and comments for additional information.

The app logs the location of the data entry point and allows staff to take photos and add signatures as validation. This enhances an agency’s ability to verify visits in a community setting.


Therap Louisiana Team

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