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Meet Brie Bellemare

Brie Bellemare

Billing Specialist

Brie Bellemare joined Therap Services as a Billing Support Specialist in 2012. Brie started in the accounting field in 2002, and experience in the mental health and developmental disability fields starting in 2008.

In her professional experience, Brie has worked in the mental health field as a Director of Finance at Abilities without Boundaries in Cheshire, CT where she also dealt with clients on a one on one basis.  Brie’s diverse experiences in the accounting field have given her a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of working to satisfy the needs of clients. Brie has learned how to adapt herself to each unique situation.

Brie provides billing guidance for Therap users and helps them with questions and concerns in getting the best out of Therap. Brie will help your agency get started with using the billing side of Therap and provide training for everyone from the Executive Director to Direct Support Professionals.