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Meet Johanna Kroth

Johanna Kroth

Senior Training & Implementation Specialist

Start year at Therap – 2014
Start year in the field – 1989
Got BA in 1989, Masters in 1997

Johanna started working in the field of developmental disabilities in 1989.  She worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator running vocational evaluation and vocational adjustment services for over 10 years.  Johanna then served as a Program Director running two vocational programs and developing a Community CAP program for school-aged children with developmental disabilities.  Johanna was a Qualified Professional for a variety of residential programs, including group homes and apartments for individuals with developmental disabilities, individuals living Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), and individuals that were dually diagnosed.  In 2004 Johanna became a Regional Director and traveled and worked all across North Carolina as the agency she worked for took over multiple programs and facilities as they were divested by the state. In 2010 she worked for an agency specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder, as the Director of Clinical Services and then later as a Quality Management Specialist.  Johanna was a program administrator and responsible for the implementation of Therap at that organization.

Johanna has a Masters of Education degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Georgia and a Bachelors in Sociology, with a minor in Health Science from the State University of NY at Potsdam.