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Meet Kathleen “Kitti” Gutierrez

Phone: 307-696-3743

Kathleen “Kitti” Gutierrez

Business Development Consultant-Mountain Region

Kathleen “Kitti” Gutierrez joined the Therap team in 2013 from Wyoming and twenty years of experience in the Intellectual Disability (ID)/ Developmental Disability (DD) field. Since 1994, she has worked as a Special Education Director in the public school system, Case Manager, Training Officer, and Director of Operations for a non-profit organization serving ID/DD and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). She was certified through Development Dimensions International in leadership training programs and spent many years designing, implementing and delivering all training required by state and federal entities for her organization and speaking locally and nationally.

She has a vast background in service implementation and accreditation. She was an integral part of implementation and development of Therap’s use in her organization and has seen the phenomenal transformation from a paper-reliant world, to a world of very little, if any paper documentation. As the Director of Operations, she had oversight services in three communities, providing service to five North-East counties. Kitti has been involved with state and federal initiatives for the growth of developmental services and opportunities of individuals served, as well as professional education opportunities for support staff.

She completed her Bachelor of Science in Education from Black Hills State University of South Dakota.

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