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Solutions for Developmental Disability Organizations


In Missouri, agencies providing day habilitation services, day programs, in-home supports and other developmental disability services are using Therap’s web-based software solutions to manage a wide range of documentation and reporting tasks, including referral management, valued outcome tracking, case management, health record management, community event reporting and employee certification and training management.

Communication Logs
General Event Reports
Incident Reporting
Individual Service Plans
Daily Logs, Case Management
ISP Data
Missouri Valued Outcome Tracking,
Service Coordination
Health Tracking
Health Tracking Records
Time Tracking
Bed Check, Sleep Chart, Interval Time Tracking, Behavior Tracking, Mood Tracking
Training Management System (TMS)
Personal Finance

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Download and keep these forms for data collection when Internet connectivity is unavailable:

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Submitting Claims for Missouri CIMOR

Reporting Incidents and Other Events

Therap’s General Event Reports (GER) module is used by agencies to store and track incident reports on individuals they caring for. GERs allow multiple related incidents, and other events to be recorded on one form and then subsequently allow reviewing and follow-ups. Medication Errors can also be recorded here as well as notes that serve to convey review comments to the staff who filed the original report.Therap’s web-based General Event Reporting tool is used to report and follow-up on a wide range of incidents including injuries, behavioral concerns and accidents among others.

Valued Outcome Tracking and Service Coordination

Valued outcomes/priority goals for individuals can be effectively documented with details on data collection time, frequency, and scoring methods with Therap Individual Service Plans. Users are able to provide details on staff action(s) and steps that are to be taken to achieve an outcome.Individual Service Plans (ISP) are linked with Habilitation Plans, which makes it possible to add valued outcomes to a person’s habilitation plan directly from her ISP.

Who can use Therap?

Therap’s electronic documentation, reporting and communication tools are tailored to meet the needs of organizations working with people with developmental disabilities (such as intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, head injuries, autism, and certain learning disabilities), under the supervision of the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Therap applications are suitable for agencies associated with the MARF (Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities), MACDDS (Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services) and the SB 40’s.

Bed Checks, Sleep Charts, Mood and Behavior Tracking

The Therap ‘Time Tracking’ module provides the option to monitor and record data at regular intervals of day-to-day activity and behavior patterns, such as sleeping and mood shifts, of individuals in day and residential program settings period.

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