We are offering an opportunity to Therap users who are interested in presenting either in a seminar/tutorial or panel discussion format at the upcoming National Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. Therap users can also include surveyors, families, state caseworkers or others who are interacting with agencies using Therap. The goal of the conference is to share best practices and innovation in the use of Therap. Attendees and presenters will have the opportunity to share and collaborate with current, new, and potential users of the system.

Up to two individuals can apply to present jointly. Each presenter must submit a separate application.

For more information, Contact us at National conference contact Email

Presentation highlights from last year’s National Conference include:

  • Getting the buy in for Therap at your agency

  • Agency guidelines for use – In particular agencies which can share written policy guidelines

  • The transition to paperless

  • Time and cost savings

  • Implementing Therap as a state