Therap Certified Trainer Showcase

We are back with the Showcase for the 2023 Therap National Conference!

Once again the Therap Conference Center will include a “hall” to celebrate our Therap Certified Trainers. We are inviting all the Therap Certified Trainers to participate.

showcase room certified trainer

What is the Therap Certified Trainer Showcase?

  • Similar to a “Poster Presentation” at a Science Fair. Your clickable poster will be displayed on a virtual easel in a “gallery”.
  • The attendee “enters” the gallery and is presented with a number of clickable posters.
  • By clicking on your poster, it will be enlarged to an easy to read, pop up window for the visiting attendee.
  • 2023 National Conference attendees from across the globe will be able to view the submissions.

What information would I include?

A Therap theme is required. However, your topic selection is vast…

Poster Presentation
  • Who you are and why you became a Therap CT.
  • How you support your agency as a CT.
  • Your Favorite Therap Module.
  • How your agency uses Therap to become more Person-Centered and Data-Driven.

Topics of your Showcase presentation are not limited to these suggestions.
We would welcome your ideas!

Let’s Celebrate YOU and..

  • Increase awareness / Interest in the CT Program!
  • Provide insights & information
  • Share the benefits of becoming a Therap Certified Trainer
  • “Grow” the CT Team.
Poster presentation pop up on click

Therap Certified Trainer Showcase

This content would be premiered at the 2023 National Conference and
be made available throughout the 2023 Therap Conference Season.
(Events held in the Therap Conference Center)


No. Your participation would be strictly voluntary.
No. Be brief in sharing your topic. We do not want this to become a time consuming project. We want it to be FUN!
Deadline for submissions will be Friday, December 16th.
We recommend you follow your agency’s policy / procedure for this type of project / event participation.

What are the requirements of a “poster”?

File submission requirements include:

  • A “landscape” format.
  • 11 X 8.5 (width x height) or 4:3 ratio standard page format.
  • JPEG or PNG file is preferred.
    - We can convert Word, PPT, PDF to JPEG / PNG files.
  • We encourage a “tri-fold” type of layout.

Content requirements include:

  • A picture of YOU!
  • A Therap Theme.

Submissions are Closed