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OPWDD & OMIG Compliance

Use Electronic Documentation – be Audit Ready and Compliant

Therap is delighted to be working with provider agencies in a joint goal of improving communication and documentation needs in the developmental disability field. We are here to assist and support you in all phases of transition and will work diligently to make this process as smooth as possible.

New York Specific Materials

Therap 2017.0.1.5 released

Habilitation Plan End Date Feature: information for upcoming changes to habilitation plans

User Guide |Presentation
Recorded Webinar | FAQs

Upcoming New York User Groups

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User Group Meeting November 15, 2017 Amsterdam, Montgomery County Onsite Registration Link
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Therap Billing

HIPAA v5010 Electronic Billing

Federal compliance requirements in effect from January 1, 2012

Effective January 1, 2012, providers of developmental disability services are required by a federal mandate to use the HIPAA Version 5010 standard for electronic claim transactions. We are pleased to announce that Therap’s Electronic Billing system has been successfully upgraded to support Version 5010 compliance requirements.

Click here to download a summary of the changes in the latest version. This will provide you with the information you need to make a smooth transition to v5010 Electronic Billing.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Incident Reporting

The General Event Reports (GERs) also known as the Incident Reports have been designed to track multiple related incidents for an individual. Using the General Event Reporting tool, users can report and follow-up on a wide range of incidents including injuries, behavioral concerns and accidents among others. Keeping in mind, the requirements of different States, we also have ranges of customized Incident Reporting State Forms included within our GER forms.
The GER form for New York includes forms designed according to:

  • OPWDD 147
  • OPWDD 148
  • OPWDD 150

New York Billing Setup – Supplemental Group Day Hab, Prevoc, SEMP

Video - NY Billing Setup

This webinar demonstrates the steps of recording and generating Billing Data for the Supplemental Group Day Hab…

Speaker: Heather Thornton | Published Date: March 16, 2015

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General Discussions

Family Discussion on use of Therap

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Individuals Discussion on use of Therap

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Individuals and Staff Discussion on use of Therap

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Discussion on Information Sharing

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Discussion on Health Documentation

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Discussion on Oversight

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Geneva Conference 2016

Conference Testimonials

As a Therap Certified Trainer, I have presented at several regional / state conferences. I found last year’s conference in Geneva, NY; to be one of the best organized I have attended. There was a wide variety of offerings and training tracks. The wireless network held. The rooms were clean and the conference was in a beautiful location. I am looking forward to seeing what the NY team comes up with next year!
Joseph Pendergast, M.S.Ed. Quality Systems Coordinator, Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc.
Regional Conference- Geneva NY

The Geneva conference was a great venue for the regional Therap conference. I enjoyed presenting as part of the Provider Administrator User Panel. This proved to be very beneficial for agencies who are just signing on with Therap or those who have been using Therap for years. It was also beneficial for me as an administrator to hear other processes.

Liz Stanton, Electronic Documentation Coordinator, QIDP, Heritage Christian Services
My colleagues and I attended the Regional Conference in Geneva, NY this year. Aside from the gorgeous view of the lake and the wonderful food, we thoroughly enjoyed the wide assortment of presentations. I was especially pleased with the number user presentations; I always find it most interesting to attend the “real life” demonstrations. Many of our first time users attended this year and I was pleased with their positive feedback. Kudos to the NY team. Keep up the great work.
Cindy McDaid, Administrative Assistant to Alissa Viscome, Associate Executive Director & Therap Administrator, Oswego Industries, Inc./ARC of Oswego County

Therap New York Team

Certified Trainers in New York

Jennifer Kelley
Joe Pendergast
John Vogan
Kimberly Blamowski
Lori Sojka
Mary Swygert
Pamela Hunt
Roslita Lilley
Tiffany Decook
Vicki Erdie
Ryan Toolsee