Just a quick note to introduce myself and let everyone know how exciting it is to work with Therap services. You can read my bio for my background but it won’t explain how I came into Therap. I have worked with various software products over the years. Everything from doing IEP’s to ISP’s and PCP’s. All were various versions of Word documents and I could not extrapolate data that would assist in day to day management of an entire community. After implementing and working with the staff of Therap I was thrilled to be able to hit a button and produce a variety of audit reports. Prior to Therap I was used to our staff putting a lot of information into a system but was always frustrated that I could not retrieve the information. Being able to do so would have allowed me to make administrative decisions that would aid in supervision, satisfy my supervisor, but most importantly satisfy our parents and board members.

When I went to the conferences sponsored by Therap I had the chance to meet many of the people behind the scenes and everyone is committed to a product that will help other agencies as it had helped ours. When I left my last job I thought wouldn’t it be fun to work with and for a group of people dedicated to providing a service that was of value? With the good luck of the Irish, I was hired and I have been immersing myself in this vast machine called  Therap. It is everything one can imagine and I hope to be another one of those staff that can help you and your agency. So, whether you are a Therap user or yet to be, give me call and have me visit.