I have heard it said that the interstate system of driving can be some of the most boring rides. I have traveled the length of I-81 north and south for years and on Tuesday I was prepared for 9 hours of interstate driving. But this trip had me totally excited and the time and drive was beautiful. It all goes back to the basics about your mind set. I was happy to be on the road because I had my first demonstration of  Therap services to a group in PA.

At the agency I was greeted warmly and was invited to sit in while they finished their administrative team meeting. As I sat and listened to their issues I had to reminisce about the times I also had similar meetings about staff documentation and accountability. Once Therap was installed our meetings changed in nature and scope and I hope to see the same happen for the good people of this agency.  The demonstration went well and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with folks who make life better for so many people. I did have to tell them that Therap is not yet prepared to take care of their vehicle issues.