Our family has always enjoyed the outdoors and camping of any sort. This past weekend my wife and I stepped back into time when we spent the weekend camping at Lake Genero PA  to attend the Fiddlin’ Bear Festival. This is an annual event where almost 200 people gather to share all the joys of camping and socialization but with an added dimension of playing old time music. Fiddles, banjos and mandolins were the primary instruments with additional strings from guitars and dulcimers. The people were great and it felt as if we were at a family reunion without any of the family drama.

Fiddlin Bear 2010

The music would start at a campsite with a plucking of a string and soon this could swell to 20 people all sharing in old time ballads, and reels. You could walk away from this group and there would be another group only a few campsites away.  After the weekend the head was throbbing with music and fingers and arms sore from playing hours upon hours of music. My wife found a sense of confidence and is set to learn more tunes in order to go back again next year. As  for myself I could not lug a piano and drums do not quite fit the genre, however, I did feel the draw to pick up the auto-harp again and Olivia and I are practicing old time favorites.

After spending a weekend going back in time it compels one to wonder how far we have come from communicating through song to the  instantaneous flow of  information in our computerized world. It is a given fact that we are not going back in time. However, we should be prepared to act swiftly and accurately with the technology that is available to us. Therap provides a simple tool that enables users to be accountable while using today’s technology. It is evident that Therap meets the demands of today while helping to prepare for the future.