Although our focus in the field is to remain on person-centered outcomes, we all are keenly aware in the back of our mind that someone else is looking for different outcomes. There is no doubt everyone supports accountability, but only when it is fair and applied judiciously. Even though an activity was done, documentation was created, the information was tabulated, and this was summarized and a bill created, any one of those links can easily be broken when the paper is lost and thus the billing considered fraud. Fraud is a dangerous word and is to be avoided at all costs.

Fortunately, Therap services was created in part to make life easier for communication, but it has also developed tools to maintain your documentation and let you feel secure about audits. Coming soon to your area is an information session on technology and the use of electronic documentation in your agency. I look forward to seeing you in Buffalo on November 3rd or Syracuse on November 10th or Elmira on November 16th.